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Perforated Stainless Steel Cleanroom Table

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Perforated Stainless Steel Tables provide the optimum cleanroom work surface for vertical flow cleanroom operation. They allow uniform air flow through the work surface and eliminate eddies and stagnant air pockets that are on or above the work surface of all solid top tables.

Contaminants are a problem in any cleanroom and solid top tables can worsen the problem. A solid top table blocks the laminar airflow and creates an envelope of stagnant air directly over the work surface. This stagnant air holds dirt and other airborne contaminants for long periods of time and creates localized areas of high particulate count. This contaminated air mixes and causes small particles to collide forming larger, more harmful particles. A part or machine within this stagnant area has a greater risk of contamination than if it were located in a clean laminar flow airstream.

Perforated Cleanroom Tables can prevent this type of problem from occuring since they allow the laminar airflow to flow directly through the work surface. New clean air is constantly entering the control zone, surrounding and bathing the parts or machine with fresh clean air and carrying away any airborne contaminants that may have been formed. Contaminated air does not mix but flows through and from the critical work. Even heavy particles which would normally settle out with standard tables are carried through the continuous vertical flowing airstream.

These tables are constructed of heavy 16 guage stainless steel. The tops are available with 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, or 3/4 inch nominal hole diameters. The perforated top is welded to an outer stainless steel support frame. A series of vertical reinforcing bars are under the perforated top creating a strong, smooth, flat work surface. The support frame and reinforcing bars are designed so none of the work surface holes are blocked to prevent entrapment of particulates. The top assembly is supported by tubular stainless steel legs, each with a leg leveling glide.

Perforated Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables have all formed edges, with welds cleaned and the outer surfaces brushed with a straight line finish. Each table is thoroughly inspected to provide a quality cleanroom work table.

Options:  Passivation, Electropolishing, Adjustable legs, Upper/lower shelves, Casters, Leg corner braces, Diagonal leg bracing, Foot rest, Bull nose edge(s).

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