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Horizontal Flow Cleanbench, Table Top or Legs

  • Horizontal Flow Cleanbench, Table Top or Legs
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Custom Horizontal Laminar Flow Cleanbenches

The Series 201 horizontal flow hoods offer new accomplishments in the use of modern technologies in materials, manufacturing processes, and design.

Vinclad steel or painted structural materials offer the ultimate in appearance and in resisting abuse. They are highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion, stains, and chemicals as well as scratches and scuffs.

Of high quality and excellent in appearance, the cleanbenches have a ruggedness achieved through the use of a new wrap-around structural design. Close attention has been made to details.

The cabinet volume has been designed to offer the least envelope for each work area, thus minimizing weight and space.

Easy, quick maintenance is accomplished through the use of a removable grill with front filter removal.

The cabinet configuration has been designed for “clean” edge air-shear of the absolute filter, thus assuring a class 100 (ISO 5) horizontal laminar airflow through the work area by eliminating turbulence and back currents.

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Horizontal Laminar Flow Cleanbench Features:

  • 99.99% efficient removal of all particulate contaminates 0.3 micron and larger; factory tested
  • Meets or exceeds Class 100 conditions of Federal Standard 209E
  • Flex duct provides a factory-sealed clean laminar airflow system with simple front removal
  • Structural material is available in Vinclad steel or attractive white vinyl
  • Plexiglass hood over work area
  • Protective grill for the absolute filter
  • White fluorescent lighting
  • Separate motor and light switch
  • Pressure gage for HEPA filter
  • Meets or exceeds NEC electrical codes
  • Fiberglass prefilter easily removable from the top Motor speed infinitely variable with solid state controller

Many sizes and options are available to meet your needs. Request a quote below or contact NCI for pricing at 888-270-0458.

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