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Nitrogen (N2) Spray Guns

In controlled environments, cleanroom spray guns provide a high-quality, effective cleaning solution for removing dirt, dust, and fibers from various components and surfaces. Nitrogen spray guns for cleanrooms use pressurized nitrogen, which is drier and cleaner than oxygen, to eliminate small contaminants in cleanroom manufacturing environments. Understand applications and uses of nitrogen spray guns, benefits, things to consider when selecting a cleanroom spray gun, and NCI offerings for N2 spray gun solutions.

Applications & Uses for N2 Spray Guns

Manufacturing operations and cleanroom environments where liquid solvents may be impractical will benefit from the addition of a nitrogen spray gun. Offering a moisture-free cleaning solution, N2 cleanroom spray guns can be used in general manufacturing facilities and electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food packaging, military, and aerospace manufacturing. Nitrogen spray guns are ideal for providing an exceptional decontamination method for a range of applications:

  • Removing dry dust, microscopic fibers, and contaminants

  • Cleaning workspace surfaces and products

  • Drying workspace surfaces and products

  • Chemical processing and water purification

Nitrogen Cleanroom Spray Gun Advantages

When used in an inert gas form, nitrogen does not carry moisture or react with stored materials, making it an ideal cleaning solution. Nitrogen spray guns offer several benefits for cleaning sterile environments and removing microscopic particles. Advantages and benefits of cleanroom N2 spray guns include:

  • Effectively removes dirt and debris without liquid solvents

  • Will not leave behind fibers or produce condensation

  • Made with quality materials for superior anti-corrosion protection

  • Durable and reliable for long-lasting duty in harsh environments

  • Designed to reduce nitrogen leaks

  • Customizable to requirements

Considerations for Choosing a Nitrogen Spray Gun

Cleanroom spray guns are available as assemblies and can be configured individually by hose and spray type. Selecting an appropriate nitrogen spray gun solution should address a few factors. Depending on dispensation requirements, N2 spray guns can distribute nitrogen spray through the top of the spray gun or from the front (at a 90-degree angle). Also, choosing the right kind of hose for your nitrogen spray gun should address the chemical resistance your operation requires.

Hoses are available in a blue, coiled polyurethane (PU) for resistance to solvents, oils, weak acids, and bases. Teflon (PTFE) hoses are also available, providing higher chemical resistance for enhanced anti-corrosion protection. No matter the requirements, NCI Clean offers a cleanroom nitrogen spray gun solution for your needs.

N2 Spray Guns and Spray Gun Components from NCI Clean

Our cleanroom supplies and equipment include high-quality nitrogen spray guns. NCI has a straight-line nitrogen spray gun model and a standard assembly model that sprays from the front at a 90-degree angle. Hose components are available for our N2 spray gun assemblies, including a flexible polyurethane solution and a higher-resistance Teflon option; both are 7ft long and available with or without male connectors on either end. We also carry replacement filters for TA-N2-2000 and TA-N2-1000 spray guns with filtration to 0.8 microns.

Discover High-Quality N2 Spray Gun Solutions for Controlled Environments at NCI Clean

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