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Cleanroom Air Showers

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Self-contained steel air showers and tunnels are manufactured from high-grade cold rolled steel and are lined with multiple evenly distributed nozzles that utilize HEPA-filtered jets to decontaminate personnel, equipment, and apparel prior to entering or exiting a controlled environment. NCI offers fully customized air showers in various shapes and sizes to decontaminate personnel and parts.

Contact us for more information regarding our custom air tunnel and shower offerings, or download our catalog to view our entire line of cleanroom air showers today.

Cleanroom Air Shower Options

NCI offers standard and custom clean room air shower and tunnel options to meet your design specifications. Standard varieties for personnel passage include straight-through showers, 90-degree turn showers, and tunnel-style air showers in varying lengths.

Personnel Air Showers

Personnel air showers are available in various standard and custom options to meet your cleanroom specification requirements. Available options include:
  • Straight Thru Standard Profile Air Showers
  • 90-Degree Standard Profile Air Showers
  • 3-Door Standard Profile Air Showers
  • Low Profile Air Showers
  • ADA Compliant Air Showers

Parts Air Showers

Any item that enters a modular cleanroom must be decontaminated to ensure the integrity of the cleanroom is sustained. Carts, parts, and other items entering a clean room should be processed through an air shower to reduce contamination. Parts air shower options include:
  • Cart/Part Air Showers

Custom Cleanroom Air Shower Feature Options

Custom styles can include features such as:
  • Low profile heights
  • ADA compliance
  • Multi-door units
  • Air showers for parts, carts, and smaller pieces

Cleanroom Air Shower Construction

NCI’s cleanroom air showers are constructed of cold rolled steel with a white, baked enamel finish. The air shower unit is shipped in five easy-to-assemble pieces. Our clean room air showers are self-contained, with only an electrical power connection needed for operation. Adjustable cleanroom air shower nozzles allow for optimizing air flow for different sizes of people.

Cleanroom Air Shower Knock-Down Design for Added Flexibility

NCI’s cleanroom air showers and air tunnels are built for mobility with fast and easy-moving capabilities. The air shower’s easy knock-down design provides easy installation and flexibility during and after installation. Our air showers can be shipped, knocked down, or completely assembled. All shipped knocked-down air showers are manufactured with parts that fit through a standard door.

Cleanroom Air Shower HEPA Air Filtration

The cleanroom class 100 HEPA-filtered air discharges from the cleanroom shower's nozzles at 7,800 feet/min. The air and particles are drawn to t