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Horizontal Flow Clean Bench, Console Model, without Table Top

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Horizontal Flow Console Model Cleanbenches

The Series 303 cleanbench is a general-purpose horizontal laminar flow work station ideally suited to many types of mechanical or processing work. It is designed to provide a Class 100 or Class 10 clean air environment suitable for laboratory work, testing, manufacturing, inspection and/or pharmaceutical operations.

The unit is furnished with an open front area so it can be placed front of a piece of equipment or used with a stand alone table. The stand alone isolation table is ideal in application where vibration isolation is required. Such applications are microscope viewing, critical measuring or other vibration sensitive work. The hood is shipped separately so this cleanbench can be moved into tight location where larger model could not fit. With no work surface to get in the way, it can be place around a machine to create a cost effective class 100 cleanroom.

The clean HEPA filtered air flows outward from the cabinet.

This horizontal laminar flow air washes out particulate and prevents contamination from entering the clean work zone. The cabinet features the “clean edge” construction that puts the hood in shear with the media edge of the HEPA filter. This reduces turbulence along the sides of the hood and improves the laminar flow and prevents contamination infiltration around the perimeter of the hood.

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Console Model Cleanbench Features:

  • FLEX DUCT provides a factory sealed clean laminar airflow system with simple front HEPA filter removal.
  • HEPA filter 99.99% efficient
  • Duplex outlet for auxiliary equipment.
  • Motor speed infinitely variable with solid state controller.
  • Protective grille for absolute filter.
  • Fiberglass prefilter easily removable.
  • “Clean” edge air-shear of the absolute filter.
  • Superior Quality, excellent appearance, and ruggedness have been achieved through the use of new wrap-around structural design.
  • Vinclad steel or painted structural materials offer the ultimate in appearance and a surface resistant to abuse.
  • Shipped fully assembled ready for operation, certified to meet or exceed Class 100 conditions of Federal Standard 209E.

Numerous sizes and options are available to meet your needs. Request a quote below or contact NCI for pricing at 888-270-0458.

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