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Compartment Desiccant

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The Compartment Desiccator solves the problem of humidity in closed compartments.

Extremely dry conditions can be maintained in moisture tight enlosures by placing a Compartment Desiccator within the enclosure.

These inexpensive, perforated, aluminum cylinders serve to expose the DRIERITE granules to the air and bring about rapid water absorption.

This unit is capable of drying volumes of up to 200 cubic feet. The desiccator is easily regenerated by placing the complete unit in an oven for 2 to 3 hours at 450 degrees.

4 1/2" diameter x 16" high. Made of perforated aluminum, with a water capacity of one pound.

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Price: $75.00
Price:  (75/ea)
Total Price: $75.00
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