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GM80CR Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner, ULPA Filter

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Nilfisk GM80CR Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner.

The portable Nilfisk GM80CR Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner is specifically designed and packaged for use in cleanrooms. Through its unique four-stage filtration system, the GM 80CR safely collects and retains fine dust and powders. It comes equipped with an ULPA exhaust filter, Conductive Hose, Stainless Steel Wand and is able to meet cleanroom standards up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4).

The GM 80CR’s motor is interference suppressed so it will not affect electronic equipment in cleanrooms. * Comes with accessory kit.

* Accessory Kit Includes:

Positive Twist Safety Latches, ULPA filter, Curved stainless steel tube, Conductive 3” round brush, Microfilter, Two straight stainless steel wands, Conductive crevice nozzle, Detachable trolley, 5 Paper bags, 5” utility tool, 10’ conductive plastic hose, 30’ cord, 12” floor nozzle, Tool caddie


Price: $1,893.00
Price:  (1893/ea)
Total Price: $1,893.00

Nilfisk GM80 Vacuum Cleaners Highlights:

  • In the first stage of separation, a 21/4-gallon capacity disposable paper bag captures the bulk of collected debris
  • Extra-large main filter ensures a steady, even airflow which extends filter life and eliminates premature clogging
  • The microfilter, a final step in pre-filtration, protects the motor and acts as a barrier to even bacteria-size particles
  • ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter ensures that 99.999% of all ultrafine particles, toxic and nuisance, are retained – down to and including 0.12 microns
  • Motor thermal protection device prevents overheating caused by failure to keep filters clean or by accidental blockage in a nozzle or hose
  • Conductive plastic hose provides ESD protection
  • The wheeled trolley adds mobility. Glides over all surfaces
  • Positive twist safety latches offer security by preventing the container from opening if the vacuum is dropped
  • The vacuum cleaner and accessories are packaged in cleanroom compatible polyethylene bags to prevent contamination from packing materials during shipping

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