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Adjustable Grade A Butcherblock Top Shelves

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These adjustable butcherblock top shelves for BenchPro Workbenches are adjustable on 1" increments without the use of tools. Available in 1" and 1-3/4" thicknesses.
  • Meet ANSI, BIFMA, DIN and GSA Structural Standards
  • Sanded Smooth and Treated with Mineral Oil
  • Radiused Edges to Eliminate Splintering
  • Painted Adjustable Brackets

Butcherblock Top Shelf Made From 100% Solid Maple Hardwood

Preferred for its hard surface, beauty and durability, the Solid Maple Butcherblock used by BenchPro™ is made from thick strips of genuine Maple Hardwood. To prevent warpage and splitting, the wood is dried in a low-heat atmosphere for almost one year before it is cut into strips and glued edge to edge. The hardwood strips vary in width so that some strips are single and some strips are double wide. This gives the top shelf added strength while reducing the possibility of the shelf splitting along its seams.

Butcherblock quality is determined by species of wood, color matching, defects, and the quality of the finish. Three grades are established and only the best is used by BenchPro™. BenchPro uses Grade A Butcherblock only***
  • Grade A: Has no knotts, no discoloration or dark boards, and no filler
  • Grade B: Can have small knotts and minor discoloration
  • Grade C: Can have large knotts, very dark boards and areas with fill material
BenchPro™ hand sands each top, then rounds all edges to eliminate sharp edges pror to finishing. Finishing options include:
  • Oil Finished: Tops are treated with oil for industrial assembly applications
  • Lacquered Finish: BenchPro™ finishes the clear lacquered tops with an exclusive super hard catalytic lacquer surface that is very difficult to scratch, is water resistant, and is designed for and commonly used in high traffic floor areas. Will NOT darken or discolor with age. LisSeal™ Protective Coating is also available ***
Note: Uprights are required and sold separately.

The wider the shelf, the weaker the shelf - even with our strong tubular under-structure. To counter this, we recommend eight and ten foot shelves be supported with an additional upright in the center.

Contact us with any questions or for shelving options not listed. Browse all workbench accessories here.

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