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Cleanroom Swiffer-Style Duster (V2)

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Make cleaning and dusting a breeze with this Cleanroom Swiffer Style Duster. With the Swiffer Style Duster, clean up takes seconds. When you're through dusting, simply remove and dispose the wiper on the head. Each Swiffer Duster comes with a bag of (100) Class 100 rated composite wipes. Each wiper measures 10" x 25" and attaches to the duster head. The large 25" head allows you to easily sweep particles and dust to cover more area faster. The adjustable handle extends your reach 34-62" and makes cleaning up large messes easier. 

The Cleanroom Swiffer Style Duster (V2) includes:

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Price: $130.00
Price:  (130/ea)
Total Price: $130.00
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