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ESD Static Control Cleanroom Products

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NCI offers a complete selection of ESD safe cleanroom products to assist in your static control needs.


  • Meters and other instruments for determining static voltage levels, polarity, grounding, and other parameters
  • Static neutralizing blow off guns, blowers, fans, nozzles, and bars can be provided for cleanrooms, cleanbenches and general industrial applications.
  • Grounding wrist straps, heel straps, table mats, and anti-fatigue mats
  • A wide selection of foil, ESD bags
  • Storage cabinets, totes, and dispensers constructed of ESD safe materials
  • Cleanroom garments of several materials, colors, and styles specifically designed for the safe handling of sensitive devices
  • ESD conductive tapes for sealing sensitive totes or other cleanroom applications.
  • Static dissipative or conductive vinyl flooring is available as well as a complete offering of cleanroom floor cleaners and floor finishes.

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