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Custom Cleanroom Tubing

Cleanroom Film and Bag Company features a wide variety of custom bags and films that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. All orders are custom.

Capabilities- Cleanroom Packaging, both roll-stock and finished bags, can be supplied in widths ranging from 2” to 64” lay flat (gusseting may be required). Bag lengths are available from 2” long to any required length. Roll0Stock is supplied in 500 foot lengths, unless otherwise specified or requested.

Cleanliness- The specially designed manufacturing process allows Cleanroom Film and Bags to provide products meeting or exceeding the requirements of Cleanliness Level 100 and with Specially Blended materials to achieve Cleanliness Level 10 per IEST-STD-CC1246D.

Certifications- Cleanroom Film and Bags is both ISO 9000 Compliant and AS9000 Certified.

Commitment- It is the commitment of the Cleanroom Film and Bags Management and Staff that “We will provide you with the highest Quality Products and Service necessary to meet your Critical Cleanroom Packaging needs.”


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