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TruCLEAN Pro Bucket System

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Maintaining specific levels of cleanliness in critically controlled environments is extremely difficult. It is even more difficult when an assortment of maintenance tools are utilized. Standard operating procedures become unnecessarily complex and difficult to meet. Cleaning becomes cumbersome, and results are unreliable.

The Perfex TruCLEAN Pro is designed and engineered to be easy-to-use and maintain; delivering the cleaning performance you expect, but not achieved by using old-style buckets, wringers, string and sponge mops.

Each component of our TruCLEAN Pro plays an important role in delivering the highest level of cleanliness. For example, our innovative swivel mop frame uniformly and precisely applies cleaning and sanitizing agents onto floors, walls and ceilings. The unique wringing mechanism, exerts force evenly across the whole surface of the mop, extracting the maximum amount of soiled contaminants. The TruCLEAN Pro captures and isolates contaminants; ensuring delivery of unadulterated cleaning and sanitizing agents. No more re-applying dirty water and weakened solutions, experienced with old-style mopping supplies. The TruCLEAN Pro is compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization - up to 250o F (121o C) for 30 minutes.

The TruCLEAN Pro is available in a double-bucket (25 liter) and triple-bucket (15 liter) configuration. For very large area cleaning and disinfecting, we offer our ultimate triple-bucket (25 liter) system, the Perfex TruCLEAN Pro XL.

TruCLEAN 2 is designed for small area cleaning and disinfecting, TruCLEAN 2's unique bucket-in-bucket concept isolates siled contaminants from cleaning and disinfecting agents.

The TruCLEAN Disinfection System is a must for every professional cleaner in a health care environment.

The TruCLEAN Disinfection System is equipped with a large 36 liter polymer bucket. Embossed graduations in both English and metric guarantee accurate measure. Wheels are non-marring and glide smoothly over all floors and thresholds. Unique brake-lock permits parking on uneven floors.

The TruCLEAN Mop Frame maintains surface contact on any angle. TruCLEAN Adjustable Handle optimizes working posture, improves comfort level and efficiency.

Use with either TruCLEAN Sponge Mop for lint-free application or TruCLEAN Yarn Mop for high-absorbency and strength.

Stainless Steel Sieve
36 liter White Bucket w/ 3" casters (1 w/ brake)
Stainless Steel Mop Frame
Polymer Adjustable Mop Handle 34"-32"

TruCLEAN 2 Includes:

  • Wringer
  • Wheels
  • Waste Containment
  • 36 Liter Bucket
  • Mop Frame
  • Polymer Adjustable Handle

TruCLEAN2 Compact Flat Mopping System: Designed for small area cleaning and disinfecting, TruClean II's unique bucket-in-bucket concept isolates soiled contaminates from cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Swivel mop frame delivers continual surface contact at any angle and is accurately balanced and non-flipping. The feather-light handle is ergonomically designed and is fully adjustable to accommodate preferred working posture.

Stainless steel wringer exerts and distributes pressure evenly over the whole mop head for precise moisture control.

Clean floors, walls and ceilings with this efficient mopping system. Simplifies standard operating procedures (SOP's) and maximizes operator adaptability; all in a compact design for easy storage in confined areas.

Stainless Steel wringer
36 liter Bucket, white w/ 3" casters (1 w/ brake)
Waste Containment Bucket, Blue
Stainless Steel Mop Frame
Polymer Adjustable Mop Handle 34"-62"

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