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IC Topical Antistat

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IC Topical Antistat is a general purpose antistatic agent. It is used to eliminate static charge buildup on plastics, boxes, carpets and other static generating materials.

  • Dries to form a static dissipative coating that resists the storage of static electricity when grounded
  • Can help to meet ANSI/ESDA S20.20 requirements
  • ESD safe, static dissipative 16 & 32oz. trigger spray bottle for use in clean rooms and electrostatic protected areas
  • Mildly cationic to neutralize any static charges by rebalancing ions on a surface
  • Long Lasting, Fast Drying
  • Non-Abrasive, No Ammonia
Topical Antistat is available in 3 sizes: 16 ounce, 32 ounce, and 1 gallon bottles.
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