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IC Workstation Cleaner

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IC Workstation Cleaner is a low-ionic, general purpose workstation cleaner that is biodegradable, alcohol-free, and odorless. A unique formulation that is mildly cationic to effectively neutralize any static charges. It is “streakless” and can be used on workstations, terminals, keyboards, CRT’s, and flat panel displays. Removes oils, dirt, and grime.

  • General-purpose cleaner helps remove oils and dirt from surfaces, without leaving streaks
  • Mildly cationic to neutralize any static charges by rebalancing ions on a surface
  • Suitable for use on terminals, keyboards, CRTs, and flat panel monitors
  • Can help to meet ANSI/ESDA S20.20 requirements
  • ESD safe, static dissipative 16 and 32oz. trigger spray bottles for use in cleanrooms and electrostatic protected areas
    • Also availabe in standard 1 gallon bottles
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