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ESD Safe Cart Covers

[ESD Safe Cart Covers]
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All Botron cart covers are made to protect ESD sensitive components when being transported or stored from static charges and contaminates such as dust and dirt.

ESD Cart Cover Styles

We offer a few standard types and colors of cart covers.

Dual Side: Static dissipative green on outisde, black conductive on the inside <108
  • B171836G green dual side, 18x36x63
  • B171848G green dual side, 18x48x63
Translucent: Static dissipative vinyl <1010
  • B171836B translucent blue, 18x36x63
  • B171836C translucent clear, 18x36x63

Other ESD products can be made for the same material, such as tray and cart covers. Custom sizes available. Just contact us.



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