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Optical Cleaner

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Optical Cleaner for Ultrasonic Cleaner
12 Quarts per case
Branson OC Optical Cleaner Concentrate is an alkaline non-foaming, liquid detergent formulated for the optical glass and lens manufacturing industry. It is designed to be particularly free-rinsing, minimizing residual haze.

It removes general soils, fingerprints, cerium oxide, pitch, and some blocking waxes from optical lenses. It is very effective in removing polishing compounds from glass and optical surfaces prior to deposition of coatings. Applications include cleaning of opthalmics and other lenses during manufacture, laser components, and quartz crystals following lapping.

Branson OC is mixed with water in a concentration of 7 to 10% by volume and can be used at temperatures ranging from 130 to 180 °F (55 to 82 °C). Higher temperatures are required for waxy soil removal.

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Price:  (263/ea)
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