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Ultrasonic Cleaner, Digital Control Plus Timer and Heater

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This ultrasonic cleaner featuring a digital timer and heater provides you with the most control of your cleaning program. Users can simply enter the desired temperature and time into the cleaner and let it run. The cleaner also has high and low power modes, allowing for normal and delicate cleaning applications. Cleaning programs can be set for temperatures as high as 69 C/156.2 F in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and can last for up to 99 minutes. These options enable the ultrasonic cleaner to also be used for degassing, homogenization, cell lysing, and particle dispersion applications. When the program is over, the cleaner shuts itself off. When the cleaner is left idle for more than 15 minutes after a cleaning cycle completes, it will transition to an energy-saving sleep mode. After the cycle is through, liquids can be poured out from the tank with the built-in pour-drains. Cleaner models 3800, 5800, and 8800 feature tank drains with valves.

A number of ultrasonic cleaner accessories are also available to customize your cleaner for your application.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding ultrasonic cleaners or other cleanroom needs!


Digital Control Plus Timer and Heater 

Auto shut-off and sleep mode

Frequency: 40 kHz
Tank Cover: Included
Warranty: Two Years
Voltage: 120V
Options: 230/240 volt for international applications.

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