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CleanFoil Plus Foil Moisture Barrier Film


CleanFoil was developed for disk drive and semiconductor packaging applications that require exceptional Chemical Cleanliness, ESD Shielding and Moisture Protection. The advanced technology of the CFB6300 material provides clean, low-contaminating package with reduced levels of ionic burden, non-volatile residue and outgassing. CleanFoil also meets the requirements of IPC/JEDC J-STD-033 for the dry packaging of electronic devices.

We can provide you with a variety of configurations, sizes and thicknesses to meet your specific needs. Flat or gusseted bags available. In most cases, tube material is also available.

NCI also sells bag sealers.

Please talk to one of our knowledgeable sales associates.

**Please specify bag dimension, thickness, and quantity when ordering.

Call us at 888-270-0458 for product information, availability and pricing.

Or Contact NCI and let us know your specific requirements.
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