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Military and Industrial MIL-SPEC


NCI also has Military and Industrial Barrier Pouches, Printed Pouches, Vacuum Bags and Static Control Flexible Barrier Packaging for the Military and Industrial market. Our soruce has over 18 years of experience in packaging military products.

16 Military Spec Films on the shelf

  • MIL 121, 131, 22191, & 81705
  • Rollstock (custom width & length)
  • Pouches (name your size and quantity)
  • Hand Made department for small runs
  • Surface Printing
  • Certification of Conformance
  • Poly Kraft Type 1 &2
  • Creped Kraft (PK22C)
  • Foil Craft (MS1312)
  • Film, Foil, Poly (FR21175)
  • Nylon, Foil, Poly (MS360)
  • Tyvek, Foil, Poly (MS585)
  • Scrim, Foil, Poly (MS1311)
  • Polyester, Poly (FR5500)
  • 22191 Type 1 (FP1193)
  • Static Control (FR2194)

We can provide you with a variety of configurations, sizes and thicknesses to meet your specific needs. Flat or gusseted bags available. In most cases, tube material is also available.

NCI also sells bag sealers.

Please talk to one of our knowledgeable sales associates.

**Please specify bag dimension, thickness, and quantity when ordering.

Call us at 888-270-0458 for product information, availability and pricing.

Or Contact NCI and let us know your specific requirements.
We will promptly respond to your request.

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