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Polypropylene/Cellulose Composite Wipes

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This is a composite of super absorbent cellulose thermally bonded between two outer layers of tough abrasion resistant polypropylene. The combination has a unique synergistic effect. The polypropylene has excellent wicking properties yet holds very little liquid. Consequently the outer layers remain fairly dry while the inner cellulose holds the bulk of the liquid. It is very effective when using acids.

Strong, durable, low in particulate and chemical extractables. Recommended for ISO 6-8 controlled environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-layer cellulose and polypropylene composite
  • Outer polypropylene layers thermally bonded to cellulose core
  • Outer layers resist abrasion and wick rapidly
  • Inner layer traps and holds liquids
  • Innovative cleaning properties
  • Delivers dryer wiper surface wiping alongside super absorbency
  • Ideal for cleaning acids and other harmful liquids
  • Low particulate and chemical extractables
  • Strong, durable and absorbent

Sold By Case. Also available in a 10x25" size for our Cleanroom Swiffer Style Dusters here.

Standard Cellulose Blended Wipes

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