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2-Ply Polyester Wipes with Sealed Edge

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Extremely low in particle generation and soluble extractables. They have laser heat sealed edges, are laundered in ultrafiltered water and dried in a HEPA filtered Class 10 air stream. Each wipe is inspected and sealed in packages within a Class 10 cleanroom.

This wiper is two ply, perforated and is made of 100% continuous-filament 85 denier standard weight polyester in a double-knit interlock, no-run circular pattern, and laser heat sealed edge.

The pinsonic grade is a bonded two-ply textured wipe that provides added absorption retention and entrapment. The pinsonic wiper is actually more absorbent than two individual wipes alone. The total is greater than the sum of the parts.

Priced by the bag. 8 bags/case

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