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Cleanroom Gowning Benches

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Cleanroom gowning benches are specialized seating areas designed for cleanroom environments, used in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and aerospace, where maintaining a sterile or controlled environment is critical. Gowning benches are utilized within the gowning process, which involves putting on cleanroom apparel to prevent contamination.

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Cleanroom Gowning Bench Options

NCI provides various cleanroom gowning bench options to meet your project needs, including:

Stainless Steel Gowning Benches

Cleanroom stainless steel gowning benches are custom manufactured with or without shoe storage in a range of configurations to accommodate varying cleanroom layouts and gowning protocols. The gowning benches’ stainless steel construction resists corrosion and allows spills to be easily cleaned. Our stainless steel gowning benches are available in sizes ranging from 36” x 9” to 84” x 12”.

Electropolished Stainless Steel Gowning Benches

Palbam Class electropolished gowning benches are manufactured from 304 stainless steel with a mirror-like electropolished finish that offers enhanced cleaning capabilities for applications that require adherence to ISO class cleaning standards. Electropolished stainless steel gowning bench options include:

Gowning Rack with Bench

Combining a gowning rack’s hanging and storage capabilities with a cleanroom bench provides unsurpassed convenience and reliability for your ISO cleanroom application requirements. Our gowning rack with bench product options are available with or without a shoe rack in sizes ranging from 18” x 36” to 18” x 60”.

Cleanroom Gowning Bench Appli