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Microporous Frock / Lab Coat, Snap Front

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Comfort Clean Frock, Microporous, Breathable, Snap Front, Elastic Wrists

NCI has teamed up with a manufacturer of disposable cleanroom apparel to create an alternative to DuPont's Tyvek frocks. This garment is designed to meet the requirements of a class 10,000 environment.

Benefits Over Tyvek

It offers several benefits when compared to the Tyvek garment.

  • Lower cost than DuPont's Tyvek
  • Sleeves are 1-2 inches longer than DuPont's. Creates more of an overlap with a glove. Reduces the risk of bare skin being exposed when a worker is reaching.
  • A more substantial snap. Able to wear more times without snaps failing
  • Same size as DuPont. No concerns with workers not fitting into same size of garment as before.

The standard garment has elastic at the wrists and a mandarin collar. With this frock you will be able to have the same level of cleanliness and more comfortable workers at a reduced cost.

Suitable in most class 10,000 operations.


Small-4X available. 30/case.

Note: Other disposable frock styles are available. Contact us for pricing and availability of the coats that meet your specific requirements.

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