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Cleanroom Cloth Gloves

Our cloth glove liners are available in an array of styles, sizes, and materials to increase comfort and reduce irritation from latex and other irritants found in many rubber based disposable gloves. Many of the gloves are used for inspection and assembly projects directly rather than sole as glove liners.


Materials - Nylon, Cotton & Polyester Gloves

Our cloth gloves are available in nylon, cotton, or polyester. The nylon gloves provide an excellent low lint, economical choice in pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic assembly, and inspection roles. It also works great as a glove liner, absorbing perspiration and keeping hands comfortable.

Our cotton and polyester gloves help prevent contamination of products from human hands and are ideal for many inspection applications. The polyester gloves are low lint gloves knit from polyester filament yarns and are excellent in paint rooms. Both the cotton and polyester gloves can also be used as liners under disposable and unsupported liquid proof gloves.

Cleanroom Cloth Glove Styles

Our cloth gloves come in full finger, partial finger, as well as fingerless options.  The partial and fingerless styles provide superior comfort and excellent dexterity. Due to increased fingertip sensitivity and are great as glove liners, product handling, finishing & assembly, electronics assembly, photography labs and computer manufacturing. Full fingered options provide a better coverage of protection and are ideal for sensitive and easily contaminated products.

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