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Disposable Cleanroom Gloves

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Latex and Nitrile Gloves

NCI offers disposable cleanroom gloves in latex, nitrile, and vinyl designed for use in critical Class 10 to Class 100,000 Sterile and Industrial Environments.  Nitrile is the material of choice when there is a latex allergy concern.  Cleanroom nitrile gloves possess superior intrinsic ESD property. The use of nitrile gloves helps to:

  • Reduce the generation of static charges when worn by a properly grounded ESD worker at a properly grounded ESD workstation.
  • Drain away static charges when placed in contact with any charged dissipative or conductive object.

Our Accelerator Free, Powder Free, Low Extrable Nitrile Examination Gloves are Cleanroom Class 100 and are available here.

Vinyl Gloves

Cleanroom vinyl gloves are ideal for use in microelectronics, medical component manufacturing, and other cleanroom environments where a low particulate glove is needed. Vinyl carries an extremely low static charge providing excellent product protection for static-sensitive components.

Specialty Gloves - Extreme Temperature, Chemical Resistant, Inspections, and Liners

Specialty cleanroom gloves for chemicals and extreme hot and cold temperatures are available as well as a wide selection of nylon inspection gloves and cotton glove liners are in-stock.

Contact Us on how to achieve compliance of USP 797.