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Air Showers for Cleanrooms

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Air showers serve to protect your cleanroom environment and products from unwanted contamination.

Clean garments become contaminated during the gowning/ungowning process, general use, and because of high traffic in the gowning area. The contamination problem is amplified when the same garment is worn several times or is taken on and off numerous times during the day.

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Series 701 Cleanroom Air Shower

The Series 701 air shower is a fast and effective method of removing this surface contamination; contamination that will otherwise be carried directly to your cleanroom and deposited on your product and critically clean areas by coming off the surface of the garments.

The air shower is quality constructed using heavy gauge painted steel (no particle board) to minimize particle generation. The units provide air flow of approximately 1900 CFM through 32 adjustable nozzles yielding a 7800 LFPM nozzle air velocity with optional 9100 nozzle velocities.

It has a knock-down design that allows ease-of-installation and flexibility in use. The unit can be shipped knocked down or completely assembled. When shipped knocked down, all parts will fit through a standard door. All service to the blower, motor and filters is done from inside the air shower. The unit also offers an optional design that allows all the installation assembly to be done from inside the air shower.


Our air showers for cleanrooms are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to provide a cleaning system that meets your specific application.

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