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Airfiltronix Fume Hood

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Airfiltronix offers a portable fume extractor. The unit combines a 480 cfm blower with two intake scoops, each with a 5 foot heavy duty flex hose. Hoses can easily be moved to capture the contaminants at the source. This powerful yet quiet, fully portable system is ideal for use in work spaces that are too small for conventional fume hoods. It can be table top or wall mounted. The unit will accommodate a variety of filters: charcoal, three stage dacron and HEPA filters. The filters will capture a broad range of chemical fumes, odors and particles.

220 volt and DC motors available
Wall Mount Kits
Specially treated carbon filters to remove formaldehyde, acid, mercury and ammonia vapors.
Custom nozzles or coupling devices for retrofitting existing machinery.

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