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Keyboard Trays for Workbenches

There are 3 styles and 4 total options of keyboard trays offered for BenchPro Workbenches.
Standard Keyboard Trays: Standard keyboard trays are 22" x 10.5", featuring a smooth sliding shelf with a built in pocket tray for pens.

Laminate Keyboard Trays: Laminate finished keyboard trays are 19.5" x 18", smooth sliding trays that are available with a Formica™ laminate finish as well as a LisStat™ ESD laminate finish.

Heavy-Duty Metal Keyboard Tray: The heavy-duty metal keyboard tray features adjustable height and tilt. It is 24" wide by 9" deep to accommodate a full-size keyboard and mouse.

Note: Monitor mounts and CPU holders are also available. Contact us with any questions or for keyboard trays not listed. Browse all workbench accessories here.

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