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Modular Cleanrooms

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NCI Clean offers a complete selection of portable and modular cleanrooms in both hardwall and softwall configurations. The modular design of these cleanrooms allows for easy installation as well as the flexibility to quickly expand or relocate. These portable, prefabricated cleanrooms are available from class 10 (ISO 4) to class 100,000 (ISO 8).

The modular hardwall and softwall cleanroom designs offer free spans of up to 32 ft. Both hard and softwall cleanrooms come with a variety of options for customization, including recirculating air flow systems for enhanced climate control. Many of the portable and modular cleanrooms listed in this section can be used to achieve compliance with USP 797.

NCI Clean has more than 25 years of experience supplying modular cleanrooms and cleanroom components to our customers across all industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, electronics, aerospace, and more. We can assist you in finding the modular cleanroom best suited to your environment. We offer fixed pricing contracts, EDI order service, and on-time deliveries for all cleanrooms purchased through our site. Contact us today to schedule a free cleanroom consultation.

Prefabricated Cleanrooms & Controlled Environments

Softwall Modular Cleanrooms

Modular softwall cleanrooms are lightweight, low-cost, and easy to assemble. These cleanrooms are most often used as positive pressure enclosures, but can also be installed with a HEPA filter if a negative pressure contaminant area is needed. Softwall modular cleanrooms are available from Class 100,000 to Class 10.

Benefits Softwall Cleanrooms

  • Cost-effective cleanroom option
  • Available in a variety of shapes & sizes
  • Easily expanded or reduced in size without having to reinstall
  • Sections can be quickly added or removed
  • Available with casters for a mobile construction
  • Customizable according to your specifications

Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms

Modular hardwall cleanrooms are free standing, prefabricated vertical laminar flow systems, providing outstanding cleanroom quality and aesthetic appeal. These cleanrooms have a rigid wall design, allowing them to operate at greater internal pressures than softwall systems. Available from Class 100,000 to Class 10.

Benefits of Hardwall Cleanrooms

  • Clear anodized panels provide excellent visual appeal and good visibility
  • Multiple rooms/sections can be combined to expand the structure
  • Pressure is regulated through variable wall dampers
  • Available with singular pass or closed loop re-circulating airflow
  • Can be deconstructed and reinstalled in various locations
  • Wall support posts can be used for electrical, gas, or low voltage raceways

Your #1 Source for Portable Hard & Softwall Cleanrooms

NCI works with hundreds of the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the highest quality modular clea