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Cleanroom Ceiling Sealant


The stringent levels of cleanliness demanded by cleanrooms make particle eradication extremely important. Cleanroom ceiling sealants are specialized materials designed to create airtight seals and prevent contamination. These sealants are applied to joints, gaps, and connections between cleanroom ceiling grids and tiles to help maintain the cleanroom’s integrity.

Ceiling Sealer by NCI Clean

A cleanroom sealer helps improve the standard of your cleanroom environment. The sealant acts as a leak stopper by minimizing air leakage and preventing the migration of particles and pollutants. Sealer paint from NCI Clean can be brushed on, with options for lightweight or heavyweight sealants.

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Advantages of Cleanroom Ceiling Sealant

Some of the many benefits associated with ceiling sealant from NCI Clean include:
  • Contamination prevention
  • Enhanced airflow control
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Long-lasting and durable seals
An alternative to ceiling sealant is ceiling gasketing, which also creates airtight seals while preventing contamination. Depending on application and environment, other ceiling components may be necessary for specific cleanrooms.

NCI Clean is a Leading Distributor and Supplier of Cleanroom Ceiling Sealers

NCI Clean provides high-quality supplies for all cleanroom applications. Contact us today with any questions, and let our team of experts assist you with all your cleanroom needs.