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  • Cleanroom Plastic Strip Curtains
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Plastic Strip Doors

NCI offers a selection of plastic strip doors to satisfy your cleanroom or critical environment’s needs be they low out gassing cleanroom curtains or blocking curtains. Innotech’s plastic strip curtains and doors also come with a range of customizable options.  Beyond offering both anti-static and static dissipative materials, NCI carries curtains of varying thicknesses and colors. The cleanroom curtain strips are available in 40 mil, 60 mil, and 80 mil thick material, though the 60 mil material works well for most applications. Curtains are available in clear, black, white, amber, and smoke gray plastic material.  

With our selection of plastic strip doors and accessories, NCI can meet all your cleanroom curtain needs and provide remedies to common environmental separation issues. Have troubles with regulating or separating environments of varying cold, heat, humidity, cleanliness, volume, or light? Frame or add on to your existing cleanroom by installing our 100% virgin vinyl strip doors which enable the creation, improvement, and maintenance of the high standard of air pressure and quality associated with a cleanroom. In a doorway, our plastic strip curtains or panels not only allow easy entry and exit from your cleanroom, but can also ward off contaminants, and mediate temperature differences from outside the critical environment.

NCI ships its curtains and strip doors to you unrolled and flat, making for easy and efficient installation and replacement. NCI is able to supply T-bar clips, valences, roller tracks, and other mounting equipment, along with other plastic strip door accessories. Many of the products listed in this section achieve compliance of USP 797. Our strip doors also carry a lifetime warranty.

Please contact an NCI representative today for assistance in selecting the cleanroom plastic strip doors best suited for your application and environment. 

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