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Cleanroom Pass Throughs

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Cleanroom pass through chambers are available in wall and floor mounted styles to facilitate your cleanroom design requirements. Pass throughs allow materials and equipment to be easily transferred in and out of the cleanroom, reducing cross-contamination and unnecessary traffic without jeopardizing the integrity of the cleanroom.

NCI Clean provides cleanroom pass-through windows constructed of solid white polypropylene or stainless steel that are designed for long-lasting durability, easy cleaning, and premium aesthetics.

Cleanroom Pass Through Advantages

Pass through windows and cabinets are incredibly vital to the overall effectiveness of a cleanroom, preventing unwanted contaminants from breaching the entrance of the cleanroom. Additional benefits of clean room pass through windows and cabinets include:
  • Reduced foot traffic
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced safety
  • Easily cleaned
  • Application specific designs

Cleanroom Pass Through Style Options

Cleanroom pass throughs are available in either wall-mounted or free-standing floor-mounted styles. Floor mount cleanroom pass-throughs permit carts and larger items to enter the cleanroom. In contrast, wall mount models facilitate the transfer of materials through a small chamber installed in the cleanroom wall at a comfortable and convenient standing height.

Wall Mounted Cleanroom Chambers

Wall-mounted pass through chambers are manufactured from stitch-welded 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish, making them easily cleanable and highly resistant to warping, cracking, or chipping. Wall-mounted pass through chambers are available with or without HEPA filtration, delivering the performance and results you need. Additional options include:

Floor Mounted Pass Throughs

Floor-mounted pass-throughs allow you to reduce the amount of traffic in your cleanroom by simply rolling materials or equipment on a cart through your pass-through into the room. All floor-mounted pass-thru cabinets are constructed with a welded stainless steel shell. A continuous stainless steel hinge attaches to the heavy-duty stainless steel framed doors. Doors are fitted with a tempered safety glass view