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Cleanroom Pass Throughs

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Adding a pass-through to your cleanroom provides an easy and efficient way to transfer materials and equipment into the cleanroom. Pass-throughs help to eliminate the volume of unnecessary traffic through the cleanroom, reducing cross-contamination and maintaining the positive pressure of the cleanroom. NCI Clean provides cleanroom pass-through windows constructed of solid white polypropylene or stainless steel and are designed for long-lasting durability, with easy cleaning and high-quality appearance in mind.

P Styles

Cleanroom pass throughs are available in either wall-mounted or free-standing floor-mounted styles. Floor mount cleanroom pass-throughs permit carts and larger items to enter the cleanroom, while wall mount models facilitate transfer of materials through a small chamber installed in the cleanroom wall at a comfortable and convenient standing height.

Accessories for Pass Throughs

Additional options include mechanical door interlocks, vertical sliding door(s), cleanroom HEPA filtration and special door materials. The inclusion of mechanical door interlocks lets only one door of the cleanroom open at a time, restricting the volume of air able to enter the cleanroom. Vertical sliding door(s) make better use of cleanroom space by allowing the counterweighted door to slide up parallel to the wall rather than opening outward into the cleanroom. Cleanroom HEPA filtration and special door materials also ensure the preservation of air quality and high standard of cleanliness inside the cleanroom. Trim kits and wall supports can be provided to assist with installation.

There is a wide range of standard cleanroom pass-through sizes available. Special sizes can also be created for unique cleanroom applications.