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Laser Air Particle Counters

Laser airborne particle counters are designed to analyze the concentration of particles in the air within a cleanroom environment, providing advanced air quality monitoring. NCI’s laser air particle counters are available in various formats, providing a convenient and effective way to uphold compliance and maintain safe work environments by analyzing the concentration of particles in the air.

Contact us for more information regarding our air particle laser product options, or download our catalog to view our entire line of cleanroom air particle counters today. NCI is your trusted distributor of clean room laser air particle counters.

How Do Air Particle Laser Counters Work?

Laser-assisted airborne particle counters work via a light scattering principle that shines a bright light through an optical block of mirrors and photodetectors. A small vacuum pump then funnels the sampled air to where the laser beam can pass. As a result, the laser interacts with particles, and light is scattered.

Laser Air Particle Counter Options

NCI offers several air particle laser options to meet your project needs. Each air particle laser counter offers precise, battery-operated functionality showing real-time differential or cumulative particle counts. Available laser airborne particle counter options include:

Why Choose NCI for Your Laser Air Particle Counter Needs?

NCI is a direct supplier and distributor of state-of-the-art air particle lasers to meet your clean room needs. Whether your industry is aerospace, electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, biotech, food processing, injection molding, or another high-tech field, we have the airborne particle counter options you need. Some of the benefits of choosing NCI include:
  • Electronic order placement
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  • Contracts with fixed pricing
  • Quick, economical delivery
  • Cleanroom consultation
  • Latex-free product options
  • EDI order service

Order Cleanroom Air Particle Counters Today

Contact us for more information regarding our ultra-reliable laser air particle counter options, or call us at 888-559-3312 to order today. NCI is your trusted distributor of high-quality cleanroom equipment, apparel, and supplies.
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