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  • Mounting Components for Cleanroom Curtain Strip Doors
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Plastic Curtain & Strip Door Accessories

NCI provides the accessories for any cleanroom curtain or plastic strip door application

We supply a variety of installation accessories including three curtain or strip door mounting options, roller tracks, and valances. Among our available mounting options are flat wall bars or in-jamb anodized aluminum mounting extrusions which allow for attaching the curtains to either vertical or horizontal surfaces, and T-Bar mounting clips which are used in cooperation with flat wall mounting extrusions to hang curtains from ceiling grids. Simply mount the track and slide the curtains or strips into place. The design of our mounting systems is such that the stress on the strip or curtain at the mounting point is reduced, and the curtain or strip is allowed to pivot and move more easily. All of these technologies make it quick and simple to install, remove, or adjust your cleanroom curtains or plastic door strips.

Curtains can also be installed on a roller track so they can be quickly moved aside as equipment or personnel enter or exit the area. A valance for the roller track is also available to camouflage the track.

Incorporate heat-sealed pleats in your curtain project to improve the blocking ability of your curtains. The heat seal ensures tighter compression of the cleanroom curtain material for sliding track doors while creating a 90-degree corner in the wall assembly.

The addition of pocket hems to your curtains can also alleviate the opening and closure of your curtain system. Pocket hems can be affixed to the bottom of any pleated or stationary clean room curtain and allow weights to be placed in the bottom of the curtains.

NCI can provide all of the necessary accessories to install, improve, and maintain either strip curtains or curtain panels. Some of the more commonly used accessories are listed here. Please contact NCI regarding the needs for your specific curtain project.


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