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Mounting Systems for Cleanroom Curtains & Strip Doors

NCI can supply an assortment of accessories to make the installation of your cleanroom curtains or strip doors easy and efficient. Our mounting systems are designed in a way that reduces the stress at the mounting point on the plastic strip or cleanroom curtain. This technology allows the curtain or plastic strip to pivot and move more easily while being less prone to wear and tear, thus maximizing the lifetime of the cleanroom curtain or plastic strip door. Our available mounting options include flat wall bars and in-jamb anodized aluminum mounting extrusions, as well as T-Bar mounting clips.

Flat wall bars are perfect for installing curtains or plastic strip doors to the face of any flat surface. These two piece mounting extrusions make it easy to install your cleanroom curtains or plastic strip doors. Just screw the frame and cover to the wall, and you can begin attaching your curtains. Simply mount the track and slide in the curtains or plastic door strips. Our anodized aluminum in-jamb bars work the same way, but instead allow for attaching the curtains to horizontal surfaces by utilizing a groove in or around the mounting surface. T-Bar mounting clips on the other hand, enable you to employ your existing ceiling infrastructure to hang your cleanroom curtains or plastic door strips. Used in tandem with flat wall mounting extrusions, our T-Bar mounting clips make it easy to hang curtains from your ceiling grids without drilling and potentially damaging the structure.

All of these technologies provided by NCI alleviate the task of installing, maintaining, adjusting, or removing your plastic door strips or cleanroom curtains, even those large in size.

Please contact an NCI representative with any questions regarding which cleanroom curtain or plastic strip door mounting system is most appropriate for your application. 

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