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T-Bar Mounting Clips

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T-Bar mounting clips allow you to utilize preexisting infrastructure to hang your curtains or strip doors. Curtains can be mounted to suspend from ceiling grids using T-Bar mounting clips. These T-bar mounting clips are used along with flat wall mounting extrusion to hang curtains from ceiling grids. T-bar mounting clips come as an assembly with two halves, a mounting screw, and a nut, and are available in three sizes to accommodate 1", 1.5" and 2" ceiling grids. Depending on the amount of curtain that is being installed, it should be determined that the ceiling grid is strong enough to support its weight.


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T-Bar Mounting Clips Installation

The curtains may be hung along the length of the grid or across the grid. For hanging along the length of the grid, a standard set of T-Bar Clips should be ordered for every 2 feet of curtain span. For cross grid application, one gross grid set should be ordered for every 2 feet of curtain span.
Simplex mounting assemblies for T-bar grid ceilings consist of an aluminum track and special stainless steel clips that mount over the T-bar rail and bolt to our track. Although the aluminum track is usually prepunched for attaching clips, you might have to drill your own mounting holes using a 3/16" bit when attaching to cross grids instead of in parallel with a grid rail. If you need to drill the holes, we recommend you mount the clips and angles to the grid in the desired location, then simply hold the track up to the clips and mark your holes.

To install our track to cross grids, you must attach clips to the 1" x 1" steel angle brackets, then bolt the bar to the clips assembly. When two tracks meet on a cross grid, you'll have to alter the clips bolting one to the front of the bar and bolting the other clip assembly to the back of the bar. Installation instructions and images are featured below.