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Flat Wall Bar

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A Flat Wall Bar is used to hang cleanroom curtains or strip doors against any wall or flat surface. The Flat Wall Bar can also be used in cooperation with T-bar mounting clips to hang curtains from preexisting ceiling grids. Our new hook bead mounting hardware allows the curtains or strips to pivot and flex without being damaged while making it simple and easy to install your curtains. The two piece track screws into the wall and the vinyl strips or curtains hook on. There’s no need to pull each shell through the track. Once curtains are hooked, the track cover is snapped closed and the curtains are ready for use. This innovative design minimizes the areas where dust and particles can accumulate and makes for quick installation and disassembly.

Installation instructions and images are available below. The length of the curtain should be determined from the top of the mounting hardware. Flat Wall Bar hardware should be installed 6" above the opening if possible. The strip doors should also overlap the opening to prevent contamination from entering the area.

Please contact us with any questions regarding cleanroom curtain or strip door applications or installations.

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