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In-Jamb Bar

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Our anodized aluminum In-Jamb Bars are used for attaching cleanroom strip doors or curtains to horizontal surfaces by utilizing a nearby jamb as the mounting surface. This bar can be installed under door frames and headers or solid ceilings and trusses. The in-jamb bar may be employed for mounting bi-folding curtains.

The two piece hook bead track allows curtains or strip doors to be hung on to track clips rather than being pulled along the entire length of the track. The track’s frame and cover screws into the mounting surface and curtains can be hung on the hook beads. With this design, even large softwall curtains are easily installed. The hook bead track also allows the strips or curtains to flex and move more freely in the track than the traditional mounting hardware. This feature reduces curtain wear and tear and increases the longevity of your curtain or strip door system.

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Installation instructions appear below. When ordering, note that the curtain or strip door’s length should be based on the distance from the top of the mounting hardware to the floor.

Please contact us with any concerns related to cleanroom curtain or strip door applications or installation.  

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