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Mounting Frames for Filters

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Motorized cleanroom filters are critical components to the creation and maintenance of a cleanroom or controlled environment. The number of filters housed in a room determines the cleanroom classification. Please contact an NCI Clean representative to discuss any technical questions you may have regarding the number of filters necessary to meet your specific cleanroom needs.

Mounting Frames make it easy to securely install terminal or motorized filters into the walls or ceilings of your cleanroom in order to achieve a high standard of cleanliness and sterility. NCI Clean provides filter frames that are available in a few sets of different dimensions. NCI Clean also offers frame models suited for both solid and sheet rock ceilings. Our strong and durable frames guarantee the support and security of the filters installed in your cleanroom.

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Frame Style 1

The first type of mounting frame is designed to be used in situations when terminal or motorized HEPA or ULPA filters are being mounted into a solid ceiling. This frame style features a structural support frame made of anodized aluminum with adjustable turnbuckles that bear the weight of the filter. This frame comes pre-drilled with holes for easy installation and mounting.

Frame Style 2

Is your room sheet rocked? This style of frame is used to mount a filter either into a sheet rock ceiling or sheet rock wall. The second style of mounting frame is available in either white painted steel or stainless steel. HEPA and ULPA filters require a secure seal to the unit in order to be effective. These frames are also supplied with gasket that can be installed to ensure a strong seal between the filter and the frame. The frame is mounted to a framed out hole in order to carry the weight of the filter.

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