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2'x4' Motorized HEPA Ceiling Filter w/ Air Return Grille

  • 2'x4' Motorized HEPA Ceiling Filter with Air Return Grille
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Our unique recirculating, 99.99% efficient HEPA filter system offers an easy and low cost solution for retrofitting existing rooms into cleanroom spaces. With this filter unit, 2 ft x 4 ft ceiling grids can easily be converted to filtered cleanroom ceilings. The module can also be mounted on a support frame or suspended from a support structure.

Price: $1,996.00
Price:  (1996/ea)
Total Price: $1,996.00

HEPA Fan Filter Specifications

This completely metallic unit incorporates a galvanized steel blower housing which screws to the top of an aluminum framed HEPA or ULPA filter and an air return grille which can be installed in another area of the cleanroom or elsewhere in another workspace. The air return grille features a prefilter that helps to ensure the air drawn in from the other space is purified when it reaches the HEPA filter.

The ‘closed- loop’ air flow system eliminates the concern of drawing in air from above a drop ceiling which is often too warm or too cold for comfort. Usually, one cannot directly connect the inlet of the HEPA filter to an existing HVAC system because the filter’s blower requires a constant 650 cfm of air flow. However, with this unit, a ‘T’ fitting can be installed onto the blower inlet. One leg is connected to the prefilter return, while the other leg is connected to the HVAC system. As the thermostat calls for heating or cooling, the air flows through the HEPA filter and into the clean room. Larger rooms may require multiple filters

Ceiling Cleanroom HEPA Filter Features:

  • 99.99% @ 0.3 micron HEPA filter with prefilter (ULPA filters available)
  • U/L listed
  • USP 797 compliant
  • No silicon, polyurethane sealant used
  • 23.625”x 47.625” x 13.25” high
  • 1/4 HP, PSC and EC Motor
    • 20 mf capacitor
    • 170 watts NP (60 Hz)
    • 180 watts NP (50 Hz)
  • Galvanized steel filter housing with exposed anodized aluminum filter frame
  • Variable Speed Control
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