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2 x 4 Motorized HEPA Filter, Automatic Adjust Airflow

  • GS Style Motorized HEPA Filter
  • NCR Style Motorized HEPA Filter
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Motorized Clean Room HEPA Filter with Auto Adjust Airflow Specs:

These motorized filter units make maintaining you critical environment simple with automatically adjusting airflow. Each ECM motor blower is electronically commutative so that as load increases, the fan speed can also increase to sustain a constant airflow. A local potentiometer with a digital display allows the user to set the desired airflow.Even with this ability, the 1/3 HP motor consumes minimal power, requiring just 115V, and produces only 50-53 dba of ambient noise.

A steel housing powdercoated in white surrounds the motor. The unit’s final filter, encased by a white epoxy diamond patterned grille, complies with Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST) and/or ISO standards. Two filter styles are available with this unit.

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GS Style Filter:

  • Replaceable from roomside: A hinged, anodized aluminum framed polystyrene eggcrate grille allows filter to be replaced without uninstalling the unit from the ceiling.
  • Leak proof sealing: A special gel channel on the upstream side of the final filter ensures that the filter is tightly sealed within the housing.
  • Airflow: At 90 FPM, the GS unit produces 520 CFM.

NCR Style Filter:

  • Units uninstall for filter replacement: Remove the filter unit from the ceiling, replace the final filter, and reinstall the unit.
  • Airflow: The NCR unit has an airflow rate of 630 CFM at 90 FPM.

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