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2'x4' Motorized HEPA Filter w/Light w/ Room-Side Filter, 115V 16


Thesefan filter units provide a high standard of filtration and purification essential for pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, and other controlled environments. The motorized filter produces an adjustable airflow that ranges between 340 and 640 CFM all the while producing less than 45 dba of ambient sound. Beyond complying with Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST) and/or ISO standards, the final filter is securely sealed in the housing with a special gel channel on the filter’s upstream side. Each unit installs into a 2 ft x 4 ft ceiling and also works with sheet rock ceiling installations. Filters are easily changed. A hinged polystyrene eggcrate grille in an anodized aluminum frame allows the grille to swing open to remove and replace the filter roomside without uninstalling the filter unit.

Also integrated in the design of this motorized filter is a light fixture and T8 electronic ballast within the filter housing below the final HEPA filter. This location allows the bulbs or ballast to be removed and replaced easily like the filter. For added convenience, the unit’s lights automatically turn on while the fan motor runs.

Price: $1,619.00
Price:  (1619/ea)
Total Price: $1,619.00

Motorized Clean Room HEPA Filter with Room-Side Component Filter Specs:

  • 99.99% @ 0.3 microns HEPA filter with 30% ASHRAE efficient pleated prefilter
  • 115 volt , 60Hz, 165 watts
  • 23.625”x47.625”x 17.25” high
  • (4) T8 fluorescent lamps w/electronic ballast; Bulbs NOT included
  • White painted steel with exposed anodized aluminum filter frame
  • Solid state speed control

Buy 19991-24 Ceiling Mounting Frame to assist in mounting cleanroom filter and supporting sheet rock ceiling.

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