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Grounding Tape - Circuit Bridge

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Siga Circuit is a narrow 104ohms seam bridging tape.


When installing ESD conductive rolls of vinyl with fully integral conductive backings, a lower cost alternate installation system may be used: Use lower cost Sigaway® Original a non-conductive full surface dry adhesive and bridge the seams between individual full surface conductive backed rolls or pieces of ESD carpet or vinyl rolls. (example ESD Unifloor Static Dissipative U78.

Siga Circuit is applied on top of the Sigaway® Original 1 ' from walls on the entire perimeter of the installation every 30 ft. approx. across the seams, and grounded with Siga Copper Tape.

ESD roll flooring with fully conductive backings are then installed over the Sigaway® with Siga Circuit adhesive. 8" wide tape is frequently used to electrically bridge loose lay matting head to head or side to side.

SKU 7485-425 Rolls 1.6" x 82'6" (40 mm x 25 m 6 rolls/box) SKU 7485-20025 Rolls 8" x 82'6" (200 mm x 25m 5 rolls/box)

Price: $62.00
Price:  (62/ea)
Total Price: $62.00
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