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Cleanroom Curtain Anti-Static Clear -.040 mil

[Anti-Static Vinyl]
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These solid panel, anti-static, clear cleanroom curtains make it easy to create additional rooms and workspaces within your cleanroom. Curtain lengths and widths can be customized to fit your needs as the .040 mil thick.  Curtains are priced per horizontal linear foot.  Custom curtain lengths can also range from 12” to 180”. Contact us if you would like curtains of a different dimension than what appears below.

Each curtain is accompanied by one of two mounting options, a Flatwall Hookbead (FWHB) or an In-Jamb Hookbead (IJHB). Below are images of these mountings.

Our Accessories page features other mounting options including T-Bar Clips for attaching curtains to a preexisting ceiling grid and roller tracks for mobilizing curtains to create cleanroom entryways.

The standard model of this anti-static curtain comes in a clear vinyl. The curtain is also available in a variety of other materials and colors which are listed below. Among these is a permanently static dissipative urethane polysim material useful in applications related to preventing plastic outgassing. This material ensures ESD protection without humid conditions often required of other dissipative materials. The polysim is also Class 1 fire rated for both flame spread and smoke test.  

Additional materials and colors:
Anti-Static Colors Opaque (40480-XXD)
-- Black
-- White
Anti-Static Frosted (40480-XXG)
Anti-Static Tinted
-- Amber
Polysim (40480-XXB)

Each of our cleanroom curtains are shipped flat, making them easier to install and are insured for 1 year.

Curtains are priced per linear foot. Please contact us with any cleanroom curtain related questions.

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