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Cleanroom Terminal Ceiling Filters

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NCI Clean offers three varieties of cleanroom terminal filters including disposable and replaceable models as well as one which incorporates a light fixture in the filter structure. Each terminal filter is designed to facilitate uniform flow of highly purified air for cleanrooms and laminar flow devices as described by the ISO standards. Filter frames are made of lightweight aluminum, making for easy installation and feature a galvanized steel hood and a protective white epoxy powder coated steel grille.


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The most popular filter variety is a simple disposable model. This filter is able to be used for several years before needing to be replaced. At this time, the entire filter unit must be replaced in order to maintain adequate air velocity.

The second filter variety contains a replaceable element. A hinged polystyrene eggcrate grille enables the roomside removal and replacement of the filter without having to uninstall the entire unit. Only the filter element itself is replaced; the housing and air connection are not affected. A gel channel seals the filter within the housing, preventing leaks. This type of filter is ideal for a sheet rock ceiling or other limited access area.

The third variety offers an integral “flow-thru” light fixture featuring 4 lamps mounted below the filter. Because of their location, the unit’s fluorescent bulbs can be replaced and the unit connected to power easily. As with the second variety of filter, this model has an eggcrate grille whose hinge allows the filter to be taken out and replaced without disturbing the rest of the unit. This model’s damper assembly can also be adjusted from the roomside.

All filter models are available with either a HEPA or ULPA filters and a come with either a 10" or 12" inlet collar. Please contact us so we can provide the right filter for you.

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