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Vertical Laminar Flow Hardwall Cleanroom

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Series 591 Modular Vertical Flow Hardwall Cleanroom

The Series 591 is a free standing, hard wall, modular, pre-fabricated vertical laminar flow cleanroom system that is designed to provide outstanding cleanroom performance and aesthetic appeal. Its modular, pre-fabricated design combines functionality with flexibility to create systems that will meet your cleanroom needs now and into the future. 

These hardwall cleanrooms are available from Class 100,000 to Class 10 (ISO 8-ISO 3) and are USP 797 compliant.  These rooms can have open free spans from 6 to 34 feet and interior room heights of 8 to 14 feet. Multiple rooms can be combined to form a larger cleanroom complex. The system allows for additional sections to be added to existing rooms to expand the cleanroom in the future.
The Series 591 hard wall clean room has excellent visual appeal and is often used as a showcase cleanroom system. The large clear walls offer good visibility in to and out of the room. Clear anodized aluminum panels cover the filter, light area over the drop ceiling so the exterior has a clean appearance.
The rigid wall design allows the clean room to operate at greater internal pressures than may be found in other types of clean room systems. This pressure is regulated through variable wall dampers that adjust the flow of air out of the room that controls the internal room pressure.
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Vertical Laminar Flow Hardwall Cleanroom Features:

  • Modular and pre-fabricated
  • Simple to assemble
  • Free standing; does not become part of the building
  • Flexible; can be expanded or upgraded
  • Portable; can be easily and quickly relocated
  • End walls are non load bearing
  • Large open spans up to 34 feet
  • Interior clear height 8 to 14 feet
  • Room Class 100,000 to Class 10
  • Aesthetic design, visually appealing
  • High quality performance
  • Single pass or closed loop re-circulating air flow offered
  • Wall dampers permit regulation of internal room pressure 
  • Wall support posts can be used for electrical, gas or low voltage raceways

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