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Modular Softwall Cleanrooms

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These modular, vertical flow softwall cleanrooms are a cost-effective method of providing a quality particulate control enclosure. The laminar flow system utilizes proven cleanroom manufacturing and design techniques to provide a lightweight, low-cost, easy-to-assemble softwall cleanroom system. A variety of sizes and shapes are available to ensure a system that is matched to individual needs.

Note: Due to shortages of the standard vinyl curtain material it will be replaced with Seiden Crystal 40 mil static dissipative curtain material until further notice.

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Softwall Cleanroom Size Options & Classifcations 

These modular cleanrooms are available from Class 100,000 to Class 10. They typically operate at positive pressure enclosures but can also be used as negative pressure containment areas to HEPA filter all the outgoing room air.

The lightweight, easy-to-assemble sections can be expanded or reduced in size without taking the entire cleanroom down. This feature makes it fast and easy to add sections or change the shape for other requirements. A number of smaller rooms can be combined for a large clean room project and later be changed back to smaller rooms and relocated.

Prefabricated Softwall Cleanroom Features & Benefits:

  • Plug & Play Design: Complete with motorized ceiling HEPA filters, LED lights, strip door, and a prefab wiring kit — Requires only assembly and to plug it into an outlet
  • Flame retardant, clear vinyl curtains with a static dissipative, flame retardant, clear vinyl strip door
  • Lightweight, easy-to-assemble 2x4 tubular steel frame with 2x2 tubular steel support legs
  • Room Class 100,000 to Class 10
  • Modular design offers great flexibility and expandability. Click here to see expansion examples.
  • Fast delivery; most units shipped from stock
  • Custom models are offered which can provide up to a 32' free span

Optional Portable Softwall Cleanrooms & Other Enclosure Upgrades

  • Make it a Mobile Softwall Cleanroom
    • Add the set of casters below if you'd like to make it a mobile room. Roll it where you need it when you need it.
      • Add item SWCR-Casters4 from the list below
  • Add an Internal Gowning Room
    • The gowning room upgrade adds a 4' x 4' gowning room in the corner of the room and shares two of the existing curtain walls.
      • Add item SWCR-GR from the list below
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